was selected as the Photographer for WGNA's Countryfest 2009

Photos will be available as soon as possible for everyone to view.
Photos can be viewed by clicking onto the respective names or event.
Links will be live when the photos are completed and ready to view.

Please keep checking back, we're working our way through nearly 2000 photos of the day!
All Meet 'n Greet photos are posted!
Band photos... almost completely up!!
Backstage photos after Band Photos.
Keep checking the "Hangin' With the Fans!" Link to see if your photos will be posted.
Also check the individual sections. Photos were taken of the crowd and individuals during each performance.
Can YOU spot the Puppet ?


Thanks for your patience and the pleasantries during Countryfest 2009.

Special thanks goes to everyone at Regent Communications and WGNA!

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