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What the Heck is Caller12 ?

Caller12 came about when attempting to reach a radio station during a special "give-away" promotion.
No matter how Caller12 tried to dial in, he could not be the magical "caller13" to win.
Always stuck as Caller12, I decided that there must be a deeper meaning to this.
(oh here it comes...)

So Caller12 ended his attempt to win this prize and traveled to a far off land in New York State
just outside Albany, New York in fact.
(it was a bar, he needed a freakin' beer!)

to ask the question "why can't I ever be caller 13 ? ".

He fasted, he searched his heart and soul, he prayed to the Gods of Rock and Roll,
he even tried to sing old and new country ballads
and one day, the answer hit him between the eyes like a paint ball from hell.
(that mudda freakin' paperboy!)

The clouds parted, there was a voice like a bolt of lighting hitting a chicken!

"You are meant to be Caller12, now shut up and deal with it, a**hole!"

I screamed back.. "hey that's MR a**hole to you, freakin' Taco Bell guy!"

So I drove through and picked up my order and thus, the infamous Caller12 was born.
(ok, not born but at least I wasn't a half eaten happy meal riding the short bus) is based upon an inside joke between Caller 12 and those that understand.
Within the air and soundwaves, travel various thoughts, notions and ideas both sick and lame
plus a slew of other things as well.
(oh if you only knew!)

Caller 12 is an ideas person who successfully taps into these waves
to create new and fresh ideas that are in many cases revolutionary.
(well at least it sounds good!)

If you sit with Caller12 and talk about things, you can actually watch the gears moving in their head.
Of course, caller12's head is not transparent, although some claim to be able to read his mind.
(There is no truth to this rumor, I lost my mind years ago...) does photography, concepts, idea generations, graphics,
1 liners, 2 liners and bus liners... whoops strike the last thing.
Bus liners are too tacky, how about Ocean Liners... ?

Trained professionally in the art of Extreme High Tech, Caller12 can get the job done
and make you laugh.
(no I don't do stand up, I'd rather do sit down and shut the frick up!)

For more information, contact me at:

info at

(why the red phone?)

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